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Office Games

Film currently in post-production

Feature Film - Comedy

A socially awkward and obsessive gamer dwelling in the comforts of his parents’ basement is forced to embark on a quest, to get an extra life. In order to do so, he will have to LVL UP, survive RL and save his cosplaying crush by raiding with his new party of quirky co-workers.

Generation Wolf

Film Completed 2016 - Available on Amazon Prime Worldwide

Feature Film - Drama/Thriller

A young entrepreneur starts a marijuana grow-up in his family’s barn in order to save his business and his father’s house from bank repossession. As Vincent falls deeper into the world of crime, he soon realizes his situation grows more brutal and dangerous than he ever imagined.


Film Completed - Available - 2013

Feature Film - Drama/Crime

Three policemen, each working independently from each other, are committed to doing the right thing as they see it. However as they become lost in their fixation to bring certain criminals to justice, their lives intertwined and culminate in an explosive climax.

Atacama Files / Feature Film - Drama/Ecological Thriller

Currently in the financing stage

Salvador Torres works for a corrupt gold mine in the Atacama Desert. He covers up the mine’s crimes and environmental abuses in exchange for money, and covers his own pain over the loss of his parents with alcohol. When his coworker, Alejandro is murdered for being an activist, Salvador’s life changes. He discovers Alejandro’s young daughter hiding. She has with her stolen, classified papers that expose the mine’s criminal activities and environmental abuses, including the truth about Salvador’s own parents. In his effort to help the girl escape to safety across the desert, Salvador confronts the mine that he has spent his life protecting. The journey will be his own salvation. 

An eco-thriller with heart, ATACAMA FILES is a blood-pumping ride with a timely environmental message.

Partners in Crime / TV series / Drama-Comedy

Currently in development

Based on some of the most hilarious and authentic anecdotes of a South American immigrant family living in Canada.

Partners in Crime tells the story of an immigrant family from Chile living in the U.S. in the 1980s after escaping political turmoil in their home country. Week after week, Pepe guides his son Christian on how to make it in a foreign country doing odd jobs while enjoying nature and a unique connection to animals.

The righteous one / Feature Film / Drama-Social

Currently in development.

RICK, a jaded pilot working for a corrupted NGO in Africa delivering humanitarian aid, slowly discovers that one can still do good in the midst of corruption and greed.

Undocumented / Feature Film/ Drama-Social

Currently in development.

An undocumented worker fleeing violence in Mexico, gets a”safe” job at a dairy farm in Vermont, where the obsessive owner makes his life a living hell.

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